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    X-Men/Alpha Flight vol 1 #1&#2
    Writer : Chris Claremont
    Artists : Paul Smith & Bob Wiacek

    'The Gift'
    (A footnote on the first page places this story before the events of Alpha Flight #25. Le Messors review gives a more accurate timeline.)

    (The story outline is taken from an issue summary written by Robert Diehl as a part of Chronology.Net. This information is not to be reproduced without permission of the author.)
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    originally posted here
    Issue: Alpha Flight: Chaos War
    Writer: Jim McCann
    Artist: Reilly Brown
    Date Published: November 2010
    Alpha Appearance: Classic, original team! YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!! (no Puck, though.)
    Period in Alpha Flight's history: Concurrent with Puck in Wolverine's Hell, after the Incredible Hercules Sacred War.

    OVERVIEW: Chaos War is Marvel's latest crossover event. A Chaos King has awoken and is destroying the realms of sleep and death and all the gods and generally messing things up. Yep, it's another Tuesday on Earth 616.
    That's roughly everything I know about it, and all I care about it.
    I'll mention this bit of fridge logic, though:
    By destroying all the realms of death, he's sent all the dead back to life. (Blackest Day much?) By destroying the realm of dream, he's put everybody to sleep. That doesn't make sense! Shouldn't it hit the Marvel Universe like a coffee high? It isn't even internally consistent!
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    Issue: CHAOS WAR: ALPHA FLIGHT #1 (One Shot)
    Writer: JIM McCANN
    Cover: SALVA ESPIN
    Date Published: NOV 2010

    Welcome Back Alpha Flight To The Land of the Living But At What Cost?

    The issue begins with a recap of what's happened thus far in CHAOS WAR, detailing how the Chaos King has destroyed the Dream Dimension by killing Nightmare, and thus plunging the living into Eternal Sleep. Next the Chaos King destroyed the Underwold; and as a consequence, some of the undead spirits have fled to the surface world; caught in a limbo between dreaming, living and death. Now the Chaos King seeks to destroy every pantheon that has ever existed. And this is where our story begins...