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Current MembersSasquatch, Puck, Shaman, Vindicator, Northstar, Aurora, Guardian, Marrina, Snowbird
Former MembersWolverine, Stitch, Saint Elmo, Groundhog, Talisman, Box II, Persuasion, Goblyn, Pathway, Witchfire, Feedback, Windshear, Manikin, Diamond Lil, Wildchild, Nemesis II, Earthmover, Radius, Sasquatch II, Flex, Murmur, Manbot, Nemesis III, Centenniel, Yukon Jack, Major Mapleleaf II, Thunder
First Appearance(in shadows) X-Men (1963) #120
(fully shown) X-Men (1963) #121
Base Of OperationDepartment H, Ottawa
AssociatesGary Cody, X-Men, Nemesis I, Beta Flight, Gamma Flight, Department H
Current Statusactive


The team now known as Alpha Flight began its existence as Department H, a secret adjunct of the Canadian government founded by James MacDonald "Mac" Hudson to find metahumans.
Inspired by the debut of the Fantastic Four, Mac turned the Department towards creating a superhero team to defend Canada.

Early attempts at the Flight met with limited success, saving Canada from the nuclear machinations of Egghead, but losing St Elmo along the way.

One of Mac's first successes in creating new superheroes turned to his greatest failure when Wolverine defected to the United States to join the X-Men. His first solo mission was to recover Wolverine. When that failed, he returned with all the whole Alpha Flight team (at the time) backing him up. The team captured Wolverine, who later escaped.
Members of the team, including Mac, later reconciled with Wolverine as they teamed up to fight Wendigo. Despite the success of the mission, the team was disbanded by the government as a cost-cutting measure.

Soon after, Tundra appeared in Canada. Mac was compelled to fight the menace, and Heather called the rest of the team together, with the additions of Puck and Marrina.

The team went on to have many adventures together and separately, joining and separating from the government several time over the course of the years.

For a time, two teams operated as Alpha Flight; one, a government group that spent its career trying to get out from under governmental mind control, the other an unofficial team. Little is recorded of the unofficial team's activities, but it was comprised of several original members of Alpha Flight. When the two teams clashed, a new team was formed.

The new team was kidnapped by the Plodex, leading the the creation of a replacement team. After that team rescued the originals, their adventures led them to travel back in time and change history, creating temporal copies that travelled to outer space to fight the Plodex. The fate of those copies is unknown.

The original Alphans were mostly all killed by a creature known as the Collective. Soon, a new team rose from the ashes - Omega Flight II. This team fought the Wrecking Crew and the Great Beasts.

The original team was later resurrected and spent its career trying to get out from under governmental mind control. They have since been seen fighting the Wendigo alongside the X-Men.

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