Character NameBox IV
Real NameMadison Jeffries
Group AffiliationsWeapon X Program
Past AffiliationsAlpha Flight, Gamma Flight, Beta Flight, The Zodiac
RelativesLionel Jeffries (Brother, Deceased), Lillian Crawley (Wife, Deceased)
First AppearanceAlpha Flight #16 v.1 (Alpha Flight #1 v.1 Cameo)
Current StatusMissing
Height6'1": (Box) Variable, usually 10'
Weight195 lbs: (Box) Variable, usually 1200 lbs.


During the Vietnam war, Madison Jeffries was a soldier, where his brother Lionel was a military surgeon. Lionel possessed similar, but quite different skills to that of Madison. Lionel Jeffries had the power to transmute flesh and bone, where Madison could transmute Metal. After their entire platoon was blown up Lionel tried to bring the dead back to life, and he lost his sanity. Madison was forced to use his own powers to stop his brother?s mad rampage, and contain his powers.

It would seem the entire episode had negative effects on Madison's mental state as well. He became recluse, and antisocial, feeling alienated from society due to his extraordinary powers. At some point after the war Madison was put into the Clinic for Socially Maladjusted Super-Beings. It was there that Jeffries met the paraplegic named Roger Bochs. A genius who blamed the world for the loss of his legs. It was also there that James MacDonald Hudson discovered them, and invited them into Gamma Flight, the training program for Alpha Flight. By the time Department H. first disbanded Alpha Flight both Jeffries and Bochs had moved to the second level training team, Beta Flight. When the government cut off funding, Alpha Flight was able to survive, however the training teams of Beta and Gamma were left to their own devices.

When Jerome Jaxon was forming the Evil team of Omega Flight, he approached the former members of Beta and Gamma Flight to join. The only member who did not were Jeffries
and Bochs (other than Marrina and Puck who graduated to Alpha). Bochs thinking to spy out Jaxon?s plans said he would take part in Jaxon however saw through the ruse, and used Bochs? Box Robot to fight Guardian, damaging his suit to the extent where it apparently killed him.

Guilt ridden, Bochs contacted Jeffries to help him rebuild the Box armour, making more powerful, in order to exact his revenge on |Jaxon and his robot assistant Delphine Courtney. Jeffries helped Bochs develop the armour so that Bochs could then physically phase into it.

When Omega Flight appeared again (now lead by Delphine Courtney disguised as Guardian) with an elaborate plan to destroy Alpha Flight, Jeffries came into the picture, destroying the robot, and defeating the rest of Omega Flight with relative ease.

From that point on Jeffries joined up with Alpha Flight, being the resident mechanic and handy-man. Heather Hudson became curious about his background, and discovered that Lionel (then known as Scramble, The Mixed Up Man) was locked up in Montreal General Hospital. When she went to visit him, she inadvertently set him, and his insanity free. Alpha Flight came to the rescue, and Madison seemed then to use his connection to his brother to cure Lionel?s insanity.

Lionel now apparently freed of his mental problems opened a clinic to cure the incurable. It was there that he offered Roger Bochs the chance to have a new set of legs. He told Bochs he would use his own body fat to form new legs, but in truth he used the parts from dead bodies. Lionel was not in fact sane, he had just learned to mask his insanity. When Roger Bochs? cadaverous legs began to rot, he also lost control of his sanity. Jeffries was forced to use his powers to phase into the Box armour, pushing Roger out. Roger Bochs was by that time raving mad. Alpha Flight took him to see Lionel, thinking his powers could cure Bochs?s mental problems. That however was not in the agenda for Scramble, the Mixed Up Man! Together with the bodies of many dead, Scramble and Bochs merged into the monstrous Omega. Now in control of Box, Jeffries formed himself into a giant cannon and was forced to kill both his brother, and his best friend in one fell swoop.

Jeffries was now a full fledged Alpha Flight member, using the Box armour. Over time he developed a romance with Alpha?s leader Heather Hudson. That romance dissolved when his old flame Lillian Crawly (Diamond Lil) came back on the scene, and more so when Hudson?s dead husband James MacDonald Hudson returned to life.

Jeffries soon after retired from Alpha Flight and married Lillian. When Department H reformed Alpha Flight (v.2 #1) Jeffries was a part of the team (not in the Box armour). When the new Alpha Flight battled the super villain team The Zodiac, Jeffries was captured. He was then brainwashed, and became the 12th member of the Zodiac, Gemini.

When ?The Director? of the latest incarnation of the Weapon X program was recruiting members, he made it clear that Jeffries was integral to his plans. He locates Jeffries who was still with The Zodiac, and with the help of Aurora and Wild Child captured Jeffries. Since Jeffries was already under mental manipulation, it was relatively easy for ?The Director? to shape his mind to his will. Using his powers Jeffries creates multiple copies of a new build of the Box armour, to Police the Mutant concentration camp, Neverland. A testament to the degree of Jeffries? mental manipulation was when his ?Box-Bots? severely beat Random, and Jeffries own wife, Diamond Lil. When the control of the Weapon X Program was taken from ?Weapon-X Director?, he fled with Aurora, and
Madison Jeffries. At this point, his location is unknown.


This history of Bochs and Jeffries pre-Alpha Flight seems to contradict their meeting in issue #16 v.1. This issue was written as though they had never met. This would seem to be an error continuity by writer Bill Mantlo.


Jeffries had the ability to transmute metal, glass and plastics, however, for a period he also donned the Box armor. Jeffries was able to phase into the armor, becoming one with the robot. The Box armor is highly resistant to damage. Through jets propulsion units in his feet, he is able to fly. The robot is equipped with many different sensors and a wide variety of tracking equipment.

Durability: The Box robot was constructed principally of an unidentified "living metal." This new model had a greater resistance to damage than the first model. Jeffries could not actually feel physical pain while within Box. However, his psychic link with the armour is so great that he can feel psychic pain if enough force were inflicted on it. He can increase his durability by the type of metal around which he can use to transmute. While phased into the Box armor his durability is so great his entire robot body was destroyed except his head and in mere moments reconstructed his entire body. While phased he truely is indestructable as journeying to Liveworld in his spaceship form it was completly destroyed, but he merely phased a new metal body and then phased his organic body out of it unharmed

Equipment: The Box armor had the ability to tap into computers and to recieve or jam radio signals. Box contains special tracking systems and can see in all areas of the electromagnetic spectrum. However, due to Jeffries abilities there was no limit to the equipment or hardware the Box armor could possess.

Flying: In Box armor, there were powerful jets on the soles of its feet, enabling it to fly. However, Jeffries had the ability to transmute into an actual plane that can carry multiple people or the ability to transform into a spaceship that could travel the cosmos.

Matter Destruction: Jeffries also has the power to destroy matter, which can be either used to power his spaceship that can travel the cosmos over light speed or create nuclear explosions.

Matter Manipulation: A highly skilled mechanic, Madison Jeffries posses the powers to manipulate metal, glass and plastic on the atomic and molecular levels to create various new designs, limited only by his imagination and understanding of technology. Jeffries is particularly skilled at creating forms that duplicate the shape and function of the human body, to form any shape, or machine imaginable. Jeffries could reshape Box into any shape imaginable, and could also increase it's size by absorbing other sources of metal, plastic or glass. He has even absorbed Bedlam's Complex into his armor growing to unreal levels. There isn't any hinderance on the amount he can absorb. he has even been shown to go to an alien planet and be able to manipulate alien minerals.

Phasing: After Madison Jeffries and Roger Bochsdeveloped the new Box, through an act of will, Roger Bochs could "phase into" Box's organic metal. Only Bochs or Madison Jeffries can phase into Box. Unlike previous versions of the armour that were externally controlled, whoever is phased in mentally controls Box and can perceive whatever Box perceives.

Size Manipulation: Jeffries has the ability to increase or decrease his size while phased into the armor by either compacting his metal form to even been shown to be the the size of a human hand or increasing it by absorbing more materials into his form to over 200 feet tall.

Speed: The jets on the bottom of the soles of the Box armor allow Jeffries to travel at speeds of mach 2. However, he can increase his speed by changing form. Such as he transformed into a spaceship, he could travel at speeds faster than light by destroying part of his mass to power the engines. Even traveling into another galaxy in mere minutes.

Strength: The Box robot possesses superhuman strength and at its normal size can lift (press) roughly 85 tons. Jeffries can cause the Box robot to grow to enormous size, thereby increasing its strength. The uppermost limit of Box's strength is unknown.

Technological Telepathy: Jeffries has the ability to block telepathic attacks against his mind as often times his personality is more machine than man. Such characters as Cable and Bedlam's telepathic assualts failed against him

Telekinesis: Madison Jeffries posses the power to psionically levitate metals, plastics, glass.

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