Current MembersNone
Former MembersBedlam (Deceased), Breakdown (Deceased), Freakout (Deceased), Janus (Deceased), Gobyln, Pathway
First AppearanceAlpha Flight #53 vol 1
Base Of OperationCanada
Current StatusBroken Up


The Derangers were originally gathered by Scramble, patients brought to his New Life Clinic. When Scramble became Omega and was destroyed by Alpha Flight these patients escaped. Captured almost immediately, they were forged into a fighting team by Bedlam. After Bedlam discovered his "father" Guardian had died, he planned to have his revenge through Heather, either by making her his slave or killing her. Bedlam pitted the two teams against each other, the winners were to become the core of his new master race. Once Alpha Flight gained the advantage, Bedlam's control on the Derangers begain to slip. The Mindless Freakout turned on his master, for his troubles Bedlam killed him, then the other Derangers one by one. In the end Heather killed Bedlam, blowing his head off. The only survivors from the Derangers were the twin sisters Gobyln and Pathway, though much was still to be learned about them.

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