Character NameGilded Lily
Real NameLillian Von Loont
AliasesNone Revealed
Group AffiliationsNone
Past AffiliationsDiablo
RelativesUn Named Husband (deceased)
First AppearanceAlpha Flight #20 vol 1
Current StatusDeceased


Over one hundred years ago Lillian Von Loont (a distant ancestor of Walter Langowski) was on a motoring holiday in Europe with her first husband. They were involved in an accident which killed her husband outright and severely injured her. With no idea were she was going she staggered from the wreckage and made her way through the forest. She had only gone a short distance when she noticed a castle in the distance. She barely managed to make it to the entrance before she passed out. When she regained consciousness she found that she had stumbled into the castle of Esteban Diablo. Striking up an instant rapport with him she became his willing pupil after she had recovered from her injuries. Becoming extremely proficient in the arts of alchemy, she was ready to learn the secrets of longevity when Diablo, who ruled the region like a tyrant, was betrayed by one of his servants and found himself locked within a vault in the grounds.
Unable to release him, Von Loont using a mixture of the skills taught to her, took her revenge on the people she blamed for Diablo's imprisonment. Setting herself up as a wealthy widow she married each of the conspirators and in time turned them all into living golden statues.

While searching for a more permanent headquarters for Alpha Flight, Walter Langowski and Aurora go to Tamarind Island, where Langowski had an ancestral home. He knew some of the history of the house, but not that it had belonged to Gilded Lily and that she still resided there. Unable to prolong her life with the secret of longevity, Von Loont has used various alchemical means to prolong her life. This had left her with more of a robotic body than a human one.
Almost immediately after their arrival Langowski was captured by Von Loont. Aurora, in her search for him, found herself in a room full of golden statues and was dismayed to find that they were all alive. Lily introduced herself to Aurora and appeared to be benevolent, but then she shows her Langowski who had also been turned into a golden statue. She escorted Aurora to her laboratory with the intention of turning her into first female statue. Meanwhile Langowski had awoke and turned into Sasquatch to escape from his golden casing. He made his his way to the laboratory and attempted to rescue Aurora, but Lily used her alchemy to keep him at bay. He eventually managed to fight through her defenses and pulled her cloak from her body. Sasquatch grabbed her head and pulled off her mask, revealing a disfigured face beneath. Upon the removal of her mask Lily crumbled to dust, as if the mask was the source of her extended lifespan,. With Lily gone the interior of the house crumbled also, leaving an empty shell.[1]

Alpha Flight had moved into the house on Tamarind Island, after it had been turned into a headquarters by Department H. Although she was believed to be dead, the essence of Gilded Lily still resided in the house. When it became aware of all the activity within the house, Lily used her powers to set the house against Alpha. She also used these powers to ascertain the whereabouts of Diablo. She created an electrical elemental to rescue Diablo from prison and transported him along the telephone lines to the island. While she awaited Diablo's arrival, Lily captured Aurora and placed her in a darkened area to keep her subdued. After Diablo had managed to make his way to her location, she reconstituted her body and requested that he created a formula that would enable her essence to take over Aurora's body. While he was putting the formula together, Alpha arrived on the scene, Lily kept them at bay. Just as the formula was completed Alpha attacked Diablo, but he managed to get it to Lily. Unknown to her, when she placed her arm outside the darkened area, she allowed enough light in to allow Aurora to switch persona. A struggle ensued and eventually Aurora forced Lily to drink the formula. This counteracted with her body, which again crumbled to dust.[2]


1. Alpha Flight #20-21 vol 1

2. Alpha Flight Annual #1


Since these events nothing has been recorded regarding further activities or sightings. Following the destruction of the Tamarind Island Headquarters by Bedlam it is unlikely that she will bother Alpha Flight again.

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