Known MembersHerateq, Kariooq, Kolomaq, Neooqtoq, Somon, Tanaraq, Tolomaq, Tundra, Ranaq, Tiamaq
First AppearanceAlpha Flight #24 vol.1 (as a group)
Base Of OperationThe Realm of the Beasts
Current StatusContained


The Great Beasts are a group of powerful creatures from another dimension who have tried several times to take over Earth. They're in fact older than the Earth, and became the embodiments of death on Earth when it was first commencing to come alive. They come from a time long before good or evil, for that matter, right or wrong. They're hellstorms, nothing more or less--living breathing tornadoes of mystical energy--consuming everything in their path without restraint or remorse. They were trapped a thousand years ago in their own dimension by the Northern Gods but the magics holding them weakened.

The Great Beasts live in a realm that was once not unlike Earth, though in a universe outside our own. After a million years passed, the Beasts rose to power there. They pillaged and corrupted their world, then set forth for greener pastures. Three times they attacked Earth, the planet nearest on the mystic continuum, and three times they were driven back. The last time, they were sealed behind a barrier designed to keep them forever in the Realm of the Beasts. The battle cost the victors as much as the vanquished. The land-beast Tundra, who was ever at war with the beast of the snow, Kolomaq, created a magical vortex that spun the energies of the barrier back onto their creators. This trapped the Beasts in their realm and the Northern Gods in their realm, Paradise. The full extent of their powers were never stated, but their strength is born of sorcery ancient as winter and black as night. They are the Gods of the Elder Night.

The first Beast to break through the Great Barrier was Ranaq. Just over a hundred years ago, Ranaq temporarily possessed a man who tried to use Ranaq's power for his own needs. A time traveling contingent of Alpha Flight defeated him, forcing Ranaq back to his own dimension.

The next Beast to break free was Tanaraq, who broke free when Walter Langkowski attempted to turn himself into a second Hulk. The two formed a symbiotic relationship wherein Walter would temporarily change places with Tanaraq in the Beasts' own dimension, the Realm of the Beasts. Snowbird had no choice but to eventually slay Tanaraq after he took control of Langkowski.

Tundra broke free before Langkowski's death. He was called upon by Snowbird's father, Richard Easton, who had gone insane. Shortly after that, Kolomaq broke free but Snowbird defeated him.

Alpha Flight ventured into the Realm of the Beasts to find Walter's soul. There, they encountered the other Beasts; Kariooq, Somon and Tolomaq.

Four of the Beasts (Somon, Kariooq, Tolomaq and Tundra) returned to Earth when Somon (who was mistakenly believed destroyed) affected Langkowski's subconscious. He caused Walter to create a formation allowing them to break the dimensional barrier. A powerful explosion, created when Box IV destroyed Tundra, sent the Beasts back to their dimension. Upon entering Earth, the Great Beasts must be stopped in 20 minutes or they won't ever be stopped as they will have fully tapped into their powers making them invincible as noted by Snowbird. It was said "there is no one in all the world with power enough to truly harness and control a Great Beast"

Respect Thread

A thread specifically created listing the Great Beast's greatest accomplishments in their career as well as stories that help define their character

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