Character NameGuardian
Real NameDr.James "Mac" MacDonald Hudson
AliasesWeapon Alpha, Vindicator I, Antiguard
Group AffiliationsAlpha Flight, Department H
Past AffiliationsOmega Flight, Gamma Flight I, Roxxon, Am-Can Petroleum Corporation
RelativesHeather McNeil Hudson (Vindicator II, wife, estranged), unnamed girl (child), teenage clone (Deceased), temporal copy (active)
First AppearanceUncanny X-Men #109
Current StatusActive
Weight190 lbs


While working for Am-Can Petroleum Corporation, James MacDonald Hudson (Mac) developed a suit of armour designed for geological exploration. While in college, Hudson had created the control helmet for the suit and, once hired by Am-Can, also had the funding to create the armour itself. Shortly after the completion of the armour, Hudson discovered that his boss at Am-Can, Jerry Jaxon, intended to sell the suit to the American government, to be used as a weapon. Angered at the discovery, Hudson quit his position and stormed out.

When it became dark, Mac sneaked back into his former Am-Can laboratory. He suited up in the armour, destroyed the only copy of his plans for the armour. Then, blasting his way out of the lab, Hudson left the armour on a nearby hill, taking the control helmet with him. Since he developed the helmet prior to his employment with Am-Can, they held no ownership over it, and without the helmet, the armour was useless.

The following day, Mac was paid a surprise visit by Heather MacNeil, Jaxon's young personal secretary. She bore a gift pack of groceries for him, informing him that she had also just given her notice at Am-Can. It was then that Heather noticed the control helmet on Mac's coffee table. Heather confessed that she had fallen in love with Mac on first sight; in turn he admitted he had some feeling for her also. Heather then set her plan into action: The two set off for Ottawa, where they met with Frank Hulme, a bureaucrat with some influence. He managed to clear Hudson's name by saying that he had been under the employment of the Canadian government since his graduation from university, as he still owed the government money for his student loan. He was then introduced to Prime Minister Trudeau Pierre Elliot. From then, there was no going back. A top secret branch of the Canadian Ministry of Defense was created, called Department H ('H' for Hudson).

It was not long after the formation of Department H that Mac and Heather got married. Department H gave the new couple a gift of a camping trip in Wood Buffalo National Park. While making way to their cabin, the happy couple was attacked by a 'wild man'. Heather shot him in the shoulder when her jumped at them, and took in the injured man for treatment of his physical wounds, and facilitated in his domestication. After bringing out his human side, the Hudsons brought the wild man - known as Logan - back to Department H to properly rehabilitate him. It was through Department H that the mutant known as Wolverine was first given a home.

Once back in civilization, Mac was inspired to
form a Canadian super-hero team after reading about the Fantastic Four in the newspaper. He intended Wolverine to lead his team. By that time Hudson had rebuilt his armour; it was still quite crude, and was more like an exoskeleton than true armour, but it worked well enough to be incorporated into active use. During this first mission, it was worn briefly by a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) member named Sean Bernard. Not long after, Wolverine became frustrated with the bureaucracy with Department H, and was easily drafted by Professor Charles Xavier for the X-Men. Having no leader for his super hero team, Hudson donned the now-form fitting battle armour, and took on the name of Weapon Alpha.

Hudson's first official mission, as Weapon Alpha, was to retrieve Wolverine. Still new to the business, Mac failed in his mission, and accidentally injured Moira MacTaggart, friend of the X-Men, while trying to force Wolverine to return to Canada. Feeling guilty for his actions, Hudson took on the code name Vindicator. After one more failed attempt to bring Wolverine in, this time with the assistance of Alpha Flight, Department H officially disbanded Alpha Flight.

It didn't was not long after the team found its identity, for the Canadian government to cut funding to the Department H program. That spelled the end of Alpha Flight, its training team Beta Flight, and its raw recruits, Gamma Flight. When the appearance of one of the ancient Great Beasts, Tundra, threatened Canada again, it became obvious that Alpha Flight was still needed. Hudson and the other Alphans chose to stick together, even without government sanctioning. This did not encompass the recruits, or the trainees. Two of them (Puck and Marrina) were called into action by Heather, but the remaining members of Beta and Gamma Flights were not included. Many of these people became bitter. They felt that Hudson had turned his back on them after he had made promises to them. When they were approached by Jerry Jaxon through his robotic assistant Delphine Courtney, they quickly signed on to become the super-villain team called Omega Flight, to try and kill Hudson.

Jaxon lured Mac and Heather to New York with a fake job offer for Mac at Roxxon Oil Inc. Delphine Courtney kidnapped Heather, for Jaxon to use as bait. Hudson fell right into the trap, and was confronted by Omega Flight. During the ensuing battle, Guardian's battle suit was badly damaged by Jerry Jaxon, who was controlling Roger Bochs' Box robot. Mac used his suit's power pack surge into the Box robot, frying Jaxon's mind through his cerebral link to the robot. Doing this put the power pack on a countdown to detonation. While attempting to disconnect the power pack, Heather came upon Mac, distracting him in the last few seconds before his suit detonated. To Heather, it had appeared that Hudson had been atomized, with only ashes left behind, when in fact Hudson had opened a rift in space and time, transporting him to Jupiter's moon Ganymede. Not only was Mac transported in space, but also in time, traveling back in time ten thousand years. Beneath the frozen surface of the moon was an outpost for an alien race called the Qwrlln. The Qwrlln found Hudson, and, using their advance technology, sought to heal him. Unfortunately, not being familiar with human physiology, the Qwrlln assumed his battle suit was a part of his body's internal systems. In healing him, they integrated his suit with his physiology and nervous system. During that time they also built into Hudson's computer systems a fail safe for themselves: Should they ever be under threat of their greatest fear, Galactus, Hudson would be their secret weapon.

During Hudson's absence, his wife Heather had take over the leadership of Alpha Flight and eventually donned her husband?s battle suit, despite believing it had killed him. Through time and patience, Heather proved to be a natural leader, much more so than Mac had been.

To allow time to catch up with Mac, the Qwrlln put him into a state of suspended animation. When the time was right, Hudson was launched in a spacecraft to return to Earth. Upon landing in the ocean, he was discovered by none other than a Roxxon research vessel. The scientists at Roxxon were able to read enough of Hudson's computer logs to find out vaguely what had happened to him. When they created the robot Delphine Courtney, she used an altered version of Hudson's history to stage his return to life, with Courtney disguised as Hudson.

While Mac was under Roxxon's custody, he began communicating with their computer network. His computerized mind learned of their intentions to terminate him, and took steps to keep that from happening. When they tried to disconnect him from their life support system, those fail-safes activated, destroying one of Roxxon's facilities. Roxxon didn't know what to do to keep Hudson from destroying their entire operation. They contacted the Canadian military, who put Madison Jeffries on the job, with assistance from X-Men's Forge, and Roxxon's own super-operative, Windshear. Jeffries managed to free Mac's human consciousness, and thereby broke the connection to Roxxon's computer network.

Now returned to Alpha Flight, and back with his wife, Mac took back the codename Vindicator, leaving Heather the name 'Guardian', who remained leader of Alpha Flight. However, Mac's new life wasn't the same as it once was. More machine than man now, his relationship with Heather had developed a lot of problems. However, his return had not lasted long before he was summoned by the Qwrlln. They had shifted their planet to another dimension to escape the detection of Galactus, however his herald Nova was still able to track them down. They had no choice but to summon Guardian to their aid. By chance, Alpha Flight was already teamed up with The Avengers in a massive battle to save the Earth from an attack by the alien armada called The Consortium. Hudson took half of the heroes with him to the Qwrlln's planet, leaving the remaining heroes behind to confront the Consortium. In this altered dimension, the heroes were able to weaken Galactus to the point where he saw he might not win. Hearing how Earth was having problems with the Consortium, Galactus offered a bargain: if he leaves the Qwrlln planet alone, they would end the battle, and the Avengers and Alpha Flight would lead him to The Consortium ? who used planetary bioforces to power their vessels ? and allow him to consume their energies. However with Galactus now very weak, he was unable to provide the power needed to activate the transportation device to get the heroes home, and to take the Consortium to him. The only means handy to power the device were the Vindicator and Guardian battle suits. However, due to the power requirements needed, and the suits? limitations, there was increased chances that the suits could detonate, just as it had previously, killing the wearers. Just as the device was powering up, Mac's humanity shone through. He rendered Heather unconscious, and sent her home, while he powered the device alone, apparently sacrificing himself for his wife.

Though Alpha Flight again believed this to be the death of James MacDonald Hudson yet again, this was not the case. When Galactus' inter-dimensional transportation device activated, and transported the heroes home, it trapped Hudson in an inter-dimensional wasteland; it was where the Master ? an old foe of Alpha Flight - found him, and returned him to his home dimension. The Master did some manipulation to Mac?s vulnerable mind, turning him into a servant to help realize his plans of world domination. During the confrontation with his former team-mates, Mac broke free of the Master?s mental control, and helped Alpha Flight defeat him and his newly reformed Omega Flight. When Mac returns with Alpha Flight to the Department H complex, however, they discover that the government has cut the funding yet again to Alpha Flight, due to paranoia over the Super Hero Registration Act.

This time around, Alpha Flight decided to go their separate ways. Mac and Heather took another shot at their relationship. For some time they worked on research together in various scientific fields, but old problems began to crop up, and they once again went their separate ways. For undetermined reasons, Mac returned to Department H. Since the last disbanding of Alpha Flight, Department H had come under the control of General Jeremy Clarke. When Hudson returned, they cloned him, stole his memories, and launched him into space. Due to a miscalculation, Mac did not end up in outer space as planned, but crash-landed in Antarctica. Luckily, Hudson's former team-mate Walter Langkowski (Sasquatch) was doing research near the South Pole, and found his old friend. Langkowski nursed Hudson back to health, both physically, and mentally. Having heard of more underhanded behaviour by Department H, Hudson, with Langkowski?s assistance, gathered former Alphans Shaman, Northstar, and Aurora, to take on Department H's brainwashed version of Alpha Flight (of whom Heather and fellow former team-mate Puck, were members). By the time the remainder of the original team returned, most of the corruption of the Department had left with the death of General Clarke. The two versions of Alpha Flight joined to take down the menace of the new Weapon X, who was trying to release his bacterial consciousness from its containment suit. After the threat was contained, and old wounds healed, Alpha Flight remained with Department H, working to protect Canada.

However, the Hudson?s personal relationships again began to falter. Having been hurt too many times by both Mac?s repeated suspected demises, and his coldness towards his emotions, Heather chose to take a break from their relationship. She and fellow Alphan, Eugene Judd (Puck), had a brief affair, but Mac and Heather eventually returned to make their relationship work. Both worked alongside Alpha Flight, but have made personal time in order to raise their infant daughter.

When Sasquatch's new Alpha Flight team made the mistake of altering history, a copy of Guardian from an alternate time line was drawn into the present(while he was still in space). Most recently Guardian was involved in the battle against The Collective. He and most of his teammates were slain in the ensuing battle.

With his experience of dying, he soon found himself back among the living (again), revived by the lords of Chaos.

Fighting against an oppressive government, he found himself in opposition with Heather. When the government was defeated, Heather fled with their young daughter.


Formerly, Guardian used a skintight technological suit, which allowed him to fly; fire energy blasts and had a personal force field for defense. Currently he has become part cyborg due to Qwrlln manipulation and is able to do his former abilities and more without the suit.

Battle Systems: The Guardian suit is equipped with a powerful weapon systems, weapons include: electromagnetic projectors, down beam pulse, flare, ultrasound beam, graviton beam, concussion wave, and a dispersal beam. Heather has even been shown to let out a single blast that combined all the various weapon systems together.

Strength: While wearing the Guardian battle-suit, Hudson is able to lift 3.5 tons. Heather has shown to lift up a large commercial airplane stopping it's fall with one hand.

Cybernetic Link-up: Mac with his suit, can use his cybernetic circuitry to tap into the internal systems of many computer systems, even an alien ship. He hacked into the Plodex ship and gained information from it. While the cybernetic link was established, Guardian was able to continue to multi-task on other operations, even noticing areas being blacked out, after after he and Northstar started to destroy the ship. Many years later The Avengers with Iron Man tried to do the same thing but it took them a lot more work and they didn't fully understand how the ship worked.

Durability: The Guardian suit generates a powerful forcefield around the user that dampens inertia and absorbs energy. It has been shown to absorb E-M energies, Klaw's ultrasound attacks, etc. This is performed by re-channeling the extra energy though the power systems and can be sent back to the attacker much stronger than the original attack. The suit is very durable against brute strength, even taking hits from opponents such as Wendigo, Colossus, Wonderman, and Sasquatch with little effect. His shields are so great they took the combined power of Vindicator, Windshear, Human Torch, Shaman and Witchfireand suffered no ill effect, merely activated his computer brain. Wolverine's adamantium claws are also unable to penetrate the shield. Nightcrawler tried to teleport Guardian from the air to the ground, but the electromagnetic battle suit refused to be displaced, and Nightcrawler had to let Guardian go. Nightcrawler referred to trying to teleport Guardian, "like fire through me" and was severely weakened by his failed attempt. The force-field is automatically activated during flight or when the suit's instantaneous acceleration ability.

E-M Abilities: Sometimes referred to as a "cybernetic god" or "artificial Magneto", The Guardian suit has a variety and powerful electro-magnetic abilities. After Mac had come back as a cyborg, he could control and override all electromagnetic frequencies once he had accessed the wavelength. That even included an impostor Dr. Doom's force field, neural patterns, etc. He could manipulate electromagnetic fields in several ways:
  • Charged electrostatic particles: Used as another form of a shield, which can be used to dissipate plasma emissions.
  • Electromagnetic Barrier: Guardian and Vindicator III [Mac's clone] erected an E-M barrier around the entire Hell Pounder that was strong enough to contain a nuclear explosion
  • Electromagnetic Dispersal Beam: Used as an EMP to shut down a Latverian Freedom Fighter's armor.
  • Electromagnetic Field: Used to disrupt neural signals, preventing people from moving
  • Invisible Electromagnetic Wall: Used against speedsters, the Guardian suit can make a invisible wall that speedsters will collide into. It knocked out Northstar instantly.
  • Neural Frequencies: Once a neural frequency is attained; Mac can actually block telepathic attacks and release those under its control. He can even protect his teammates from further telepathic attacks. He did this against Headlok a West Coast Avengers villain

E-M Blasts: The Guardian battle suit can release concussive energy from it's gauntlets, equivalent to 250 lbs. of TNT. These blasts are strong enough to instantly incinerate various objects, eg. Mac incinerated a car when Wendigo threw one at him. Another test of the weapon capabilities is when Heather used electromagnetic plasma blasts in killing Snowbird in Sasquatch form in one blast. Most impressive yet, in the Qwrlln dimension Alpha Flight and The Avengers were battling a weakened Galactus. Mac had let out a blast that even took down the cosmic being himself, thus putting an end to the battle.

Intelligence: After having been made a cyborg, Mac actually has a computized mind, which allowed him to remain completely calm in battle, and thus could think and react faster than a normal human being. Forge and Madison Jeffries struggled to keep up with him when they worked together. Mac has a photographic memory, incredible mental processing skills, and vast mental storage capacity. Mac also has the ability to download his cybernetic mind into a computer database and take control of it's functions. He can also download information into his database and travel and download information from the web. As Mac bonded with the Roxxon facility computer database and it's web. Prior to his upgrade, Mac developed a device to locate those with latent powers, not fully developed yet and activate their powers. He also had a Ph.D in engineering

Graviton Beam: The suit can lift various objects off the ground without physically by sending an E-M field around the object. This powerful field has caught a car and a school bus in mid-air. People are also susceptible to this form of attack.

Flare: The Guardian battle suit can cast a bright light that can blind a person much like what Northstar and Aurora are capable of (though to a lesser degree). The full power of the flare was never stated.

Plasma Funnel: This can be used to snuf out flames, or used as a independent prison that can be held together even if the user isn't focusing on it. Heather used this to trap Gobyln, who was not able to free herself.

Speed: The Guardian suit allows the user to travel speeds of Mach 1, yet has been shown to be able to surpass that. However, perhaps his most spectacular power was his ability to suspend his positioning to the Earth while it literally turned under him, allowing him to travel West at high speed depending on his latitude positioning. With this "shunt" Mac reaches up 18.5 miles per second. Escape velocity [mach 32.7] is 7 miles per second. This power can be used over long distances or used in battles for short distances to suprize his opponents. When the suit's ultimate expression of its electromagnetic gravitational capabilities is activated the user can travel at faster than light speeds.

Teleportation: After the upgrade from Qwrlln they put a fail-safe in Mac in case Galactus ever came for them. He was their secret weapon and was instructed to bring various superheroes to battle against the world-eater. He has been shown to teleport 9 people into the dimension where the Qwrlln were hiding.

Tracking Systems: The Guardian suit is equipped with a sophisticated tracking systems, such as: Radar, Sonar, Infrared, Computer projection, Energy patterns, and vapor trail. As well as Heather?s visor displayed maps, GPS, flight path, etc all in her view screen.

Ultrasound Beam: The suit can generate powerful sonic blasts that can cause a target to experience great pain. The sonics can disorient the target and however, if applied for to long can cause long-term damage to the target. This technique severely injured Wonderman, and even was held back from further damaging him.

Wormhole: When Mac's power battery was damaged in the battle with Omega Flight, he had to remove it before it exploded. In order to save his wife and himself he activated the suit's fail-safe system and ignited the suit's ultimate expression of its electromagnetic gravitational capabilities. Mac was teleported at faster-than-light-speeds and was thrust into the space-time continuum. He came to rest on Ganymede, the largest of the Jupiter's moons. It not only teleported him millions of miles away, but thousands of years into the past.

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