Character NameManbot
Real NameBernie Lachenay
Group AffiliationsNone
Past AffiliationsAlpha Flight, Beta Flight
First AppearanceAlpha Flight #1 v.2
Current StatusUnknown
Weight520 lbs


When Department H salvaged the robot Box and reworked it into a new system, they merged one of their employees, Bernie Lachenay, into the robot and called the new machine Manbot.

Lachenay ?s life before becoming Manbot is still a mystery, and it remains uncertain if Lachenay himself remembers many details of his life prior to becoming Manbot. The Manbot process turned Lachenay into an emotionless machine; things he took great pleasure in no longer even illicit a smile.

During the first few missions of the newly reassembled Alpha Flight, Manbot?s duties included covert recording of Alpha Flight?s activities for later study back at Department H. Department H sent into the newly recruited Alpha Flight to stop a terrorist attack by the Zodiac to release chemical attacks across Canada. Manbot served on the overt part of the team that infiltrated the front of the observatory as a distraction so a back team could reconnoiter Zodiac operations. Manbot found the launch pad and disabled the chemical weapons, saving the lives of millions of Canadians. Manbot continued on many missions with Alpha Flight, still secretly observing them.

On one mission, Manbot was captured in the Microverse and taken to the Body Banks to be harvested. However, no organic material remained within Manbot to be harvested. He was imprisoned until freed by Alpha Flight. Alpha Flight returned from the Microverse to find Department H under attack by the Zodiac. Manbot took Flex to the secret Floor 13 and to the Monitor Bay where Flex activated the system enabling him to send a holographic image of himself to anyone with a Alpha Indetitag Implant. There, Flex guided the team and fed them information with the assistance of Manbot instructing him. After General Clarke?s death, Manbot was reprogrammed. This allowed him to access files in his system he had not previously been able to access. Manbot played holographic transmissions of Clarke talking about each member of Alpha Flight. No longer used to spy on Alpha Flight, Manbot more fully integrated as part of the team. Manbot came close to sacrificing his mechanical "life" against Weapon X when he help stop a nuclear explosion. Department H engineers used a backup of the Manbot systems to salvage Manbot?s existence. After be Manbot?s reconstruction, he became part of the new Beta Flight. Manbot's current whereabouts are unknown.


Department H created Manbot by assimilating a human being into the systems and components of old Box armor. Stats from Marvel X-Men Encyclopedia [Vol.2]

Chi-Omicron: Missiles ballistics shot out that can be controlled and redirected by Manbot as their computer systems are connected to him. The missiles can either be powerful explosives or missiles that shot out netting to subdue a target

Durability: Manbot has an unknown level of durability, or knowledge of what he is made out of such as if it's the living metal his predecessors had. Manbot has shown to be bulletproof, but his upper limits are unknown.

Energy Blasts: Manbot is capable of discharging multiple forms of energy. The full extent of his ability and the strength of the blasts were never stated.

Intelligence: Highly intelligent as Bernie's mind has become a computer and has the ability to download files from Department H. His reflexes are so great he can track and lock onto Northstar and Aurora while their in mid-flight. With his computer mind, Manbot can instantly calculate the probability of a possible action can occur as well as calculate complicated equations in seconds.

Jackhammer: Used after downloading the blueprints of Department H, a drill came out from his side to drill open a silo shaft so Alpha Flight could escape an attack

Legs: Manbot can modify his legs to turn into rollers that he used to travel on a train track as well as extend his legs to reach great heights.

Nerve Toxin M-11: A powerful toxin used to immediately knock anyone out in the surrounding area. Manbot can also restrict the spray area to only affect one target, it?s powerful enough to subdue Sasquatch

Ocular camera: Used to transmit video feed and record events. Through the ocular camera he can project a holographic image of events he recorded using his visual reply feature.

Satellite Uplink: Manbot is connected to a satellite, which allows him to download or communicate over long distances or send files back to Department H. Manbot also has silent comminication via radio link.

Scanners: Manbot has a variety of scanners in his system that can pin-point life-forms, emotional responses, Infra-red spectrum, air scanning such as sulfur content, other technology, translate different languages and triangulate energy readings or communications.

Speed: Manbot has an unknown level of speed, but he is capable of speeds between mach 2 through orbital velocity.

Strength: Manbot possesses great superhuman strength, and can lift (press) roughly 75-100 tons.

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