Character NameMarrina
Real NameMarrina Smallwood
Group AffiliationsNone
Past AffiliationsAlpha Flight, Avengers, Beta Flight
RelativesNamor (husband), Tom Smallwood (foster father), Gladys Smallwood (foster mother), Dan Smallwood (foster parents grandson), Namorita, Byrrah, Dara (cousins by marriage), Leviathan II (son), Unnamed Plodex (offspring)
First AppearanceAlpha Flight #1 Vol.1
Current StatusActive
Height6'0", (As Leviathan): Variable
Weight200 lbs, (As Leviathan): Variable
EyesBlack, (As Leviathan): Yellow
HairGreen, (As Leviathan): Green


After having exhausted the resources of their home plane, the alien Race called the Plodex became obsessed with expansion and conquest. Their means of conquest is most unusual. They send out ships across the galaxy, searching out planets in the early stages of development. Once the ship lands in the most inhospitable location available on the planet, it sends out a hypnotic signal which summons one of each life form on the planet. The life form that arrives first at the ship is quickly disected and its genetic code implanted on millions of egg-pairs. The egg-pairs are then ejected across the world where they will find their mate and begin their conquest of the planet. When a Plodex ship approached earth, something went wrong, and it crash landed. The egg-pairs were ejected without genetic imprinting.

One of the eggs managed to survive for tens of thousands of years beneath the atlantic ocean. The egg was found by Tom Smallwood when he was washed overboard of his fishing boat. He returned to the his Newfoundland home, and gave the egg to his wife Gladys. When Gladys broke the shell she imprinted Marrina with human female DNA. Marrina grew up mostly normal, except for her odd appearance. She joined Department H when she was approximately 16 and was the first member of Gamma Flight. She quickly rose to Beta Flight and, by the time that Department H's funding was cut she was ready to become a member of Alpha Flight.When Alpha Flight became independent, she joined the team as an active member.

The, malevolent self proclaimed, Master Of The World had discovered the lost Plodex ship, and there had learned of it's nature. He also learned of the hatching of one of the egg pairs, one of whom was Marrina. The Master used the Plodex ship to summon, and capture Marrina. In doing so she went wild, and nearly killed her friend, and teammate, Puck. She was rescued not long after by Alpha Flight, with assistance from Namor, and The Invisible Woman. Once free Marrina decided to take some time to see the world, and left with Namor to visit Atlantis. Inevitably the two fell in love. The Master had come to control Marrina's intended mate, the other surviving Plodex Egg. This mate however had evolved into a monstrous sea monster, that The Master set loose killing people. Puck called upon Marrina and Namor to investigate the killings. While Marrina was in close proximity to the beast, it triggered her bestial side. She attacked Puck and Namor before the three of them were captured by The Master. They managed to escape, and destroy The Master's submarine, and in the process Marrina slipped away in shame. Being normally very sweet natured, her dark side was difficult for her to face, and she did not want her beloved Namor to see see it.

It was at this time that she was captured by the Atlantean warlord, Attuma. He used her now monstrous appearance to turn the people of Atlantis against Namor. A great battle ensued
with Alpha Flight and the Avengers, against the forces of Attuma. Marrina fled the battle, and began to grow odd pustules on her skin. It seemed that during her exposer to her Plodex mate in the Master's submarine, the two had mated, and she was now pregnant. The pustules on her flesh we in fact egg pods, almost ready to hatch. When Namor and Alpha flight caught up with Marrina, they discovered her Plodex Mate had also arrived, to protect her through the hatching of the eggs. In a moment of defiance, Marrina rejected her alien heritage, inspired by her love for her friends and family, and for Namor. She managed to completely reject the eggs growing in her skin, destroying them. The heroes slew her monstrous Plodex Mate, and she and Namor were wed.

Marrina and Namor took the Atlanteans who remained loyal to Namor, and founded a new aquatic nation called Deluvia. Eventually that nation fell, and Namor joined the forces of the Avengers, with Marrina becoming a close associate of the team. Through her relationship with Namor, Marrina became pregnant, and transformed into a giant sea creature called Leviathan. Namor was forced to slay his beloved with the the Black Knight's Ebony Blade. Before she died however, she Marrina had managed to lay at least 3 eggs, which the Avengers discovered had hatched.

When Llan the Sorcerer revived The Master Of The World from a comatose state, he informed him that Marrina "Sleeps a false death under the waves".Some time later, Marrina is discovered by Norman Osborn and is experimented on to be used as an endgame plan against Namor, who had recently betrayed Norman and allied with the X-Men. Marrina through the experiment took the form a leviathan/snake-like being, driven by a hunger that can only be quelled with Atlantean blood. She was released into the ocean forcing Namor and the X-Men to teleport the remaining Atlanteans to safety and to use Namor as bait. She arrived at Utopia battling the X-Men and the Stepford Cuckoos scanned her mind revealing that there is nothing but rage, hunger and hate. Leaving Namor no choice he drags a weakened Marrina underwater, and performs a mercy kill but prior he was talking to his former wife telling her to stop fighting and may have gotten trough. Later on, Namor in a gesture to show he will not play games with Norman threw Marrina?s head through the window of Norman?s office. Namor warned Osborn, if capable of dispatching his former wife in such a way, Osborn could imagine what Namor could do to Osborn.

After being revived by the lords of Chaos, Marrina became a daft punk and rejoined her former Alpha Flight teammates. She helped them fight the evil of the government's Unity process.


In order to survive the crushing depths of the ocean, her physiology was specially enhanced. Her strength, endurance, and stamina were all heightened beyond levels attainable by humans.

To travel, she could swim with considerable speed underwater. She could also create massive waterspouts to propel herself into the air that stretch several kilometers inland and can be made to strike a target with considerable force. Stats are from The Marvel Universe #7 and The Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe - Master Edition #19

Breathing: Marrina was amphibious. She could survive in the ocean depths or on land indefinitely. She could breathe in oxygen in both environments. Marrina possesses both lungs and gills allowing her to live and exist indefinitely on land or under the sea. Unlike her husband, she doesn't "dry" out and can exist in both climates with no trouble at all.

Energy Beams: After Norman?s experimentations Marrina developed the ability to emit an unknown form of energy from her eyes

Chaff Broadcast: As the Leviathan, Marrina can send out a signal that can jam ships distress signals allowing her to attack without any incoming interference.

Durability: In her base form she had enhanced human durability, which means her skin, bone and muscle augmented to make it stronger and harder than a human; impervious to injury to a certain extent. This doesn't quite add up, as she can swim to the bottom of ocean, and it would be required you have far more durability to perform the swimming feats she had accomplished. In her final form she has metahuman durability, which allowd her to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, and virtually all toxins, corrosives, punctures and concussions without sustaining injury. Captain Marvel (Pulsar) sent an energy plasma blast at Marrina and states, "incredible! I'm releasing enough energy to light a small city and she doesn't even seem phased by it!". She has even taken a full hammer hit from Thor and seemed unphased, it was because of her armor plating covering her entire body that gave her enhanced durability. When a dart transformed Marrina back to her original form she didn't know what happened and against her own will transformed back into the Leviathan form. Thor told Captain Marvel (Photon) that they should try to electrocute her before she fully transformed. Thor called up his most powerful lightening blasts and Captain Marvel herself transformed into lightening and attacked Marrina. It was a direct hit and trillions of tons of steam rose in the air. When the smoke cleared Marrina was still standing and seemed to be completely unharmed.

Leviathan Transformation: When Marrina became enraged and her Plodex DNA took over, she would take on a more beast-like appearance. Her hands would turn into talons that easily cut through most material. In this form her Plodex ancestry took over giving her a savage lust for conquest as she was programmed to do. Her savage state can also be triggered by chemical stimuli given off by other Plodex. When she became pregnant with Namor's children she transformed into her ultimate form. A giant Leviathan more than a mile long and became more snake-like. It augmented her strength greatly even to a point where she was capable of taking on the Namor

Speed: In her base form on land she had enhanced human speed allowing her to run 61-65 mph. Underwater it was stated multiple times even in her base form she was much faster than her husband Namor, stating she was the fastest underwater creature on Earth. While just using strength alone and swimming in a conventional manner she was clocked at 48 mph [51 knots] averaged over a period of several hours. Marrina was also capable of massive acceleration through the water for short periods of time by shedding the outer layer of skin, revealing a strange, nearly frictionless inner layer of skin, that permited her to transverse through water faster than any known human sized organism or object. Her outer layer skin spontaneously regenerated as soon as she slowed down. She has been shown reach 900 knots, but her top speed was never stated. She could also swim at extremely high speeds, and turn "on a dime" while doing so. Marrina's speeds during swimming were greatly higher than those of her husband.

Stamina: In her base form she had enhanced human stamina, she was able to sustain peak exertion before fatigue impaired performance for several hours. In her Leviathan form she had metahuman stamina, allowing her to sustain her peak for several days.

Strength: In her base form she had enhanced human strength, which allowed her to press 800lbs - 2 tons. Her strength level was never really specified, but it was probably similar to that of typical Atlantians who's physiology is the closest approximation. In her Leviathan form her strength was incalculable, which means she can lift in excess of 100 tons. In her Leviathan form she caused a massive tidal wave [over 200 feet tall] that destroyed the island of Barbuda. She destroyed a sand key just by going right through it like there was nothing even there. When the Navy came to destroy her, she swam under the water and hit a Battle Cruiser into the air and it crumpled. A feat Namor was shocked to see, "I have already seen her power and yet, even I can hardly credit my eyes! A heavy cruiser turned to scrap in an instant". Marrina landed on a cruise ship and broke it in half. She easily defeated the entire US Navy, and even destroyed most of Atlantis. As Thor stated when Marrina once again transform into her ultimate form, "The seas boil like a cauldron! Marrina's fury is as the fury of a thousand giant storms! and this time she grows larger and larger! Truly if we do not stop her now, all of Earth may be in grave danger" She was one of the strongest living creatures on planet Earth.

Swimming: Marrina's body was built to swim underwater. Marrina's superhuman durability allowed her to withstand the freezing temperatures of the Arctic Ocean without injury or impairment. Her eyes were more sensitive to the green portion of the visible spectrum than human eyes, and even more acute than those of the Earth born Homo mermanus. She had fish like eyes, and webbed hands and feet. She also had a form of radar when she reached depths that prevented her eyes from seeing to clearly, but it was never fully explained.

Water Spout: Using her speed and strength, Marrina turned on a time and flew out of the water creating waterspouts through an unknown process. These spouts were capable of stretching extreme distances from their source, up to five miles. Marrina used these waterspouts for travel purposes, and one such spout was instrumental in the defeat of the Great Beast called Tundra. She is even capable of creating a giant water spout by spinning creating a powerful water tornado, rising to heights over hundred feet lifting whatever is in the nearby area into the air.

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