Character NameMurmur
Real NameArlette Truffaut
Group AffiliationsNone
Past AffiliationsAlpha Flight, Beta Flight
RelativesFrancois Truffaut (alleged Father)
First AppearanceAlpha Flight #1 v.2
Current StatusDepowered
Weight134 lbs


Murmur is a mutant with the ability to mind control subjects. As of yet how her powers work has not been fully explained. She claims to be the child of the French film director Francois Truffaut and a cleaner. There has been no official verification of this story, but what is known is that she is a product of the Legacies program (offspring of superhuman parents) run by Department H at Hull House.

Murmur was recruited from Hull House along with Radius and Flex, to become a part of a new Alpha Flight being put together by General Clarke. One of the first obstacles Murmur encountered was with Heather Hudson, as her flirtatious nature and arrogance led her to toy with James Hudson, Heather's estranged husband.

Murmur's vain nature has led to problems in battles as she seems more concerned about recieving injury to the face than the outcome. This however did not stop her from fighting alongside Alpha Flight against foes such as the X-Men, The Zodiac and Mesmero. It was during a battle against The Zodiac that she recieved injuries that prevented her from rejoining the team until the battle against a new Weapon X. This foe had been created by a rogue Department H scientist, Huxley. Following that battle, the two Alpha Flight teams that had participated in it merged, Murmur was re-assigned to a new Beta Flight.

In the aftermath House of M, a being known as The Collective absorbed all of the powers lost by thousands of mutants. Murmur was listed on an Avengers display screen as being one of the dep-powered mutants who's powers were now in The Collective.


Mind Manipulation: Psionic ability that allows her to manipulate others upon physical contact. By touching them they are completly under control, and gives them commands verbally. She touched Puck and told him to sleep and he immediately fell asleep. She had the power to calm the savage Sasquatch II. She has been shown to free people that were under Mesmero's control. There are two instances that show there is more to Murmur. When Alpha Flight was battling Mesmero, she demonstrated that she could kill a person using her power. This is not typical for a mind-controller to do. When Radius was under the control of Mesmero to break his control Murmur had to make physical contact with him, his forcefield prevented that yet she broke the hold on him.

Teleportation: In Marvel X-Men Encyclopedia [Vol.2] they state Murmur has teleportation abilities. This comes from in Alpha Flight's battle with the Zodiac Murmer touched the Zodiac member named Virgo and said "Paris." Immediately she vanished saying "Scorpio I'm fading awayyy". Virgo ended up in Paris, France with a form of amnesia. The Zodiac did have personal teleportation devices, but how Murmer would know that they had this type of a device is a mystery. Taurus later had to go get her since they stated her teleporter was broken.

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