Character NamePuck
Real NameEugene Milton Judd
AliasesGeno, Belmont
Group AffiliationsAlpha Flight
Past AffiliationsOutcasts, Beta Flight, Gamma Flight
RelativesZuzha Yu (Puck II, daughter), unnamed grandson, temporal copy (active)
First AppearanceAlpha Flight #1
Current StatusActive
Weight225 lbs
HairBlack, bald on top


Eugene Milton Judd was born in 1914, and became an adventurer and mercenary, traveling the globe and occasionally skirting supernatural paths. In 1937 during the Spanish Civil War, he befriended Inez and Ernest Hemmingway shortly before the Guernica massacre. Later Puck allied with Captain Terror, Judd fought alongside the Republicans, even storming General Franco's stronghold in 1939. Later a crooked antiques dealer hired Judd to steal the mystical sword, The Black Blade of Baghdad. In attempting to steal the sword, Judd accidentally released the evil being, Razer, who was trapped within. In order to contain the evil he had released, Judd had to sacrifice part of his life essence. The light from his life force was able to trap and contain the spirit of Razer within his own body. This process reduced him to a height of 3' 6", rendering him basically immortal. Keeping the evil of Razer trapped in his body took constant effort, and caused him to be in pain regularly. He continued to travel the globe only fragments of his activities over intervening years have surfaced, and their exact sequence is uncertain. He climbed the Matterhorn, played chicken with the Orient Express in Afghanistan and seeing parts of the world few others dreamed existed; however, due to his dealings with Razer, Puck tended to avoid supernatural encounters leaving those adept in mystical forces. One time he visited the other-dimensional realm Crystalium, where he encountered Chaos creatures and befriended the realms King.

For some time Judd continued his lifestyle as a soldier of fortune and spy. During that time Judd had many adventures, some of which he shared with some famous marvel heroes. Judd became versed in many middle eastern religions and practices. At some point in the not too distant past, Judd became a member of the mercenary group called the Outcasts. It was around that time that Judd was put in jail, presumably for killing someone. While recruiting member for for Alpha Flight, and Department H, James MacDonald Hudson arranged for Judd to be released from prison, under the condition he would never kill again. Eugene joined the Beta Flight training team, and assumed the code name Puck.

When the Canadian Government cut funding to Alpha Flight, Puck had been on the verge of being promoted to the ranks of Alpha Flight. It was this fact that had brought Heather Hudson to summon him to join Alpha Flight in battle again the Great Beast, Tundra. Though Judd did not make it to the battle on time, he did end up joining the ranks of Alpha Flight in their then unofficial status.

After the apparent death of James MacDonald Hudson, Puck was instrumental in guiding Hudson's widow Heather, in the role of Alpha Flight's leader. It was this close association with Heather that lead to Judd falling in love with her. These emotions brought out a feeling on insecurity in Puck, that he was not used to dealing with. In time Judd succumbed to the combination of his physical pain, and the emotional pain of unrequited love. The spirit of Razer was set free, and battled Alpha Flight. The result of having Razer leave his body, was the restoration of Puck's original height and accurate age; approximately 70 years old. The only way Alpha Flight was able to defeat ancient evil, was for Judd to make the same sacrifice he had made so many years before. Once more Puck absorbed the evil spirit into his body, becoming young, and dwarfed once more.

When Judd was accidentally flung into the Firefountain of Svartalfheim, Razer was released once more. He returned to old age, but was transported to Tibet. Eventually, while looking for adventure, he encountered a monk who created a dimensional link to Liveworld
where Alpha Flight was fighting the Dreamqueen. He brought them back to earth and returned the Dreamqueen to her own dimension, becoming her prisoner. He eventually learned to manipulate the world around him after he was left by the Dreamqueen, who had grown bored of torturing him. He made himself younger and healed all his wounds. When Alpha Flight was once again in Liveworld he returned with them to earth. He soon became ill as the effects of Liveworld gradually wore off, the damage done by the Dreamqueen's torture and his old age returned.

While in hospital, Judd was kidnapped by the Master who genetically altered him attempting to create a mate for former Alpha Flight member Marrina. Several members of Walter Langkowski was able to use the Master's equipment to reverse the damage. He was able to accomplish this with an enzyme the Master had extracted from the remains of Scramble, which had old data imprinted with Judd's physiology; this data was from his diminutive state. The result compacted his mutated body into his dwarfed shape. Compacting his cells empowering Puck with a high degree of invincibility, coupled with increased strength. Judd remained a member of Alpha Flight until Department H decided to disband the team in light of the attention from the Super Heroes Registration Act.

Some time later Department H, under altered management reformed Alpha Flight. Judd was forced into joining the new team for one mission. When he attempted to leave the team, Puck was brainwashed and had his memories selectively erased. Every time Puck would uncover more of Department H's plots, they would take steps to make him forget what he had learned. Eventually this was all put to an end when James MacDonald Hudson lead many of the original team members to topple the nefarious Department H heads.

Puck has remained a member of Alpha Flight, who were now much more in control of their own fates and missions. Along with most of Alpha Flight Puck has been shown to have been captured by the alien Plodex race. A new Alpha Flight strike force had been formed by Sasquatch to rescue Puck and the other original Alpha Flight members. One of the members of the Alpha Flight strike force is a young woman named Zuzha Yu , who is apparently Puck's daughter. It is not yet known if either of them are aware of this fact. Zuzha adopted the code name of Puck.

Most recently Puck was involved in the battle against The Collective. Sadly he and most of his teammates were slain in battle.

He helped Wolverine battle the demons of Hell, and seemingly took over the place.

Shortly after, he returned to life to help his old teammates in Alpha Flight fight against the Unity government. However, his experiences had made him go slightly mad.


Puck has enhanced agility and superhuman strength rivaling that of Spider-Man. He was also a trained soldier and formidable hand-to-hand combatant. After a run in with The Master his body was compressed resulting into his tissue became akin to compressed rubber. The stats are from The Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe - Master Edition #1

Agility: One of the most agile characters in the Marvel universe, rivaling that of Spider-Man. He has superhuman agility, significantly beyond the natural limits of the human body. Prior to his "upgrade" his speed and agility were that of a 6' foot athlete even in his dwarf state. At one time he was the former catcher for the Flying Zambinis. Even in his classic form, he easily avoided blows from Hulk who was grow increasingly more angry as he couldn't lay a hand on him.

Bull Fighter: Before he became a dwarf, he was a famous bullfighter in Spain in 1930's. They said Eugene was better than Maera himself. Ernest Hemmingway watched him and was quite impressed with his skills.

Durability: After the having his body compressed, Puck gained meta-human durability. Which allows Puck to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, and virtually all toxins, corrosives, punctures and concussions. He has been shown to be invulnerable to being engulfed in a fire as well as taking explosions with no effect on him. Puck's tissues were condensed at a molecular level, causing his body to become akin to compressed rubber. It was stated he is nearly indestructible and invulnerable to harm.

Experience: Puck is very old; he was a soldier of fortune in the early 1900s. He has traveled the world and experienced many cultures, fought many foes and learned from it all. Wolverine recognized his battle tactics in Maracaibo, and battled with Modred to stop the Brass Bishop from getting into the Tower of Babel. He also fought with Wolverine and Ernest Hemingway in the Spanish Civil War. He has even fought against Black Widow in the Tonkin Gulf in 1967.

Fake Death: An ability he learned in the Orient, where he can place himself in a temporary death-like trance state.

Fighting Skills: Puck is one of the most skilled fighters in the Marvel universe. He knows a mixture of various martial arts, street fighting techniques, acrobatics and gymnastics. He combines gymnastic moves such as cartwheels with his extensive martial arts knowledge to devastating effect. He also a world class climber, skilled lock-pick, expert bullfighter and stealthy enough to sneak up on Wolverine's enhances senses: "Who...? You! Well, well, well. I shoulda known you'd be the only one who could sneak up on me like that."

Intelligence: Puck is able to think very fast on his feet in battle. He has a love for Shakespeare, and will often quote the bard. In a battle with Atlanteans, he quoted: "Let the foils be brought the gentlemen willing, and the King hold his purpose, I will win for him if I can, if not, I will gain nothing but my shame and the odd hits!" He is a scholar and often reads works by Shakespeare and was friends with Ernest Hemingway. Puck can speak 17 languages fluently including English, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, German, Tibetan, but not Sarcee and various other languages. He has a great deal of knowledge about magic, folklore and magical rituals.

Reflexes: Even prior to his upgrade, Puck trained himself to be the best shape possible. He could act out many battle tactics in his head only in a fraction of a second and in the next heartbeat act. In the same handbook they had Puck and Spider-Man with the same reflexes.

Speed: After having his body compressed, Puck gained superhuman speed, with the ability to run 111-115 miles per hour

Stamina: After having his body compressed, Puck gained superhuman stamina: the ability to sustain peak exertion before fatigue impairs performance up to one day. As noted by Puck, fatigue isn't a factor with his upgraded body

Strength: After compressed, Puck gained superhuman strength. He is Superhuman Class 10, able to press 2-10 tons.

Yoga: Trained by an old Hindu named Dr. Srivinda, Puck learned to slow his breathing and alter his body temperature. He can be submerged in the freezing Arctic water for minutes without repercussions, this prior to him gaining his altered physiology.

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