Character NamePuck II
Real NameZuzha Yu
Group AffiliationsAlpha Flight
Past Affiliations
RelativesEugene Judd (Puck, father - Deceased), Major Mapleleaf II (husband - Deceased), unnamed son
First AppearanceAlpha Flight #1 v.3
Current StatusDeceased
Weight110 lbs


Zuzha Yu owned and operated a tavern close to McGill University in Montreal. When invited by Walter Langkowski to join his Alpha Flight strike-force to rescue his teammates from the alien race, The Plodex, she outright rejected his proposal. When he returned to Zuzha's tavern, they made a bet: an arm-wrestling match would be the deciding factor. Should Langkowski win, she would be obliged to join Alpha Flight for one year. Should Zuzha win, he would be obliged to serve as her "Love Slave" for one year. On the count of three, Langkowski assumed his Sasquatch form, tossing Zuzha across the room, rendering her unconscious and winning the arm-wrestling match. She served with Langkowski's team in the mission to save the original Alpha Flight members and remained a member of the team. In the time spent as a member of Alpha Flight, Zuzha developed romantic feelings for her teammate Major Mapleleaf. Zuzha Yu has been revealed to be the daughter of Eugene Milton Judd, Alpha Flight's original Puck. It is not know who her mother is.

Recently, Zuzha was involved in the battle against The Collective. The Collective quickly overwhelmed Mapleleaf and Zuzha Yu with a wave of nanotech scorpions and were eventually killed by the powerful being.


Zuzha inherited some of her father's powers, but the full nature and extent of her powers are unknown. Her strength is at least enhanced beyond a level attainable by normal humans. She has experience in street fighting techniques.

Agility: Much like her father, Yu exhibits considerable agility. One form of attack is rebounding off of various objects, the impact of which destroys the target.

Durability: Puck II has enhanced durability, but it hasn't been shown to what degree.

Fighting Skills: She's an experienced fighter and is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, combining various martial arts with street fighting techniques. She is an Olympic-level gymnast and acrobat. She beat a Plodex clone of her father in hand-to-hand combat.

Spoke From the Womb: As odd as it sounds, Puck II had the ability speak from the womb. This may have some magical connection to Raazer's connection to Puck I.

Strength: Puck II, like her father, has superhuman strength, somewhere in the 800lbs-25 ton range. She damaged members of the Box army, but her full strength remains unknown.

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