Known MembersSasquatch II
First AppearanceAlpha Flight #6 vol.2
Base Of OperationOuside North Thomson, British Columbia
Current StatusSecret


Unknown to human society, there exists a tribe of Sasquatches living in peace in the forests of British Columbia. When General Clarke was forming a new government sanctioned Alpha Flight, they found what they thought to be an out-of-control Walter LangkowskiSasquatch II. They captured him, and brought him back to Department H. Having no luck getting Walter's mind to resurface, they used Murmur to control him. The Sasquatch managed to escape Deparment H, and made his way to North Thomson, British Columbia. When Puck was sent to track Sasquatch, he reported the location to Department H. It was then that he discovered he had in truth found a tribe of real Sasquatchs. Sasquatch II appeared to be the alpha male of the group, minding his family and doing his best (as his kind has done for centuries) to remain folklore. He instinctively knew that if his tribe would become a reality it would surely compromise their existence. Department H operatives arrived and recaptured "their" Sasquatch. The rest of the clan are to this day roaming the forests of British Columbia, but Department H now knows they exist.

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