Character NameSasquatch II
Real NameUnknown
Group AffiliationsNone
Past AffiliationsAlpha Flight
RelativesSasquatch Clan
First AppearanceAlpha Flight #1 Vol.2
Current StatusDeceased


While gathering members to re-form Alpha Flight, Department H thought they had found former member Walter Langkowski, though it seemed at the time Walter's humanity had been buried under a new bestial form. Department H was quite mistaken. What they had found was actually one of the few remaining real Sasquatches of ancient lore.

The Sasquatch seemed to be, in essence, a wild animal. Department H relied on the powers of Murmur to keep the beast under control. Eventually, the creature escaped his confinement from the Department H basement and made its way home to its tribe of sasquatches. Alpha Flight member Puck was put on the trail of the escaped Sasquatch. Following evidence of his path, Puck eventually made his way to the forest home of Sasquatch Clan. Now knowing the truth about the Sasquatch, Puck and the animals were ambushed by Department H?s Epsilon Flight. Both were taken back into custody, and disturbingly, Puck's memories of the event were erased.

Once Department H regained control over the Sasquatch, they continued to force the beast to act as a member of Alpha Flight, even though they knew the truth. When the Department H complex fell under siege of the evil group The Zodiac, the Sasquatch was caught up in the fray. The Zodiac released a bacterial super-organism from the lab and used it to come after Alpha Flight member, Radius. Just as the organism was about to dissolve Radius, the Sasquatch grabbed him. Holding his teammate out of reach of the organism, the Sasquatch sacrificed his life to in order to save Radius. Though he may not have been what everyone thought he was, this Sasquatch proved that he was a hero.


Sasquatch II displayed significant strength and durability, however, not to the same extent as Sasquatch I. He showed some great durability when he was on the run from Department H when he jumped a hundred feet to the ground from train tracks, landing on a road. When he landed, he was struck by a semi-truck. It crushed around his body and didn't make Sasquatch move. He was unharmed by the collision and continued on his journey.

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